Safety Tip of the Week – Workplace – Fire Safety

Fire can be one of our deadliest enemies. It can mutilate us, kill us, and destroy in a few minutes what took a lifetime to build. Fire can take away our workplaces and our jobs. How can fires be stopped? The answer is prevention. However, to prevent fires, we must understand them and know how to deal with them.

If you ever discover a fire, keep your cool, but think fast and act with caution. Size it up fast; knowing when to attempt extinguishing the fire yourself and when to call for help is essential.

Use Your Judgment:

When you see smoke or fire you should use your own good judgment before you decide to extinguish the blaze. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the fire limited in size and spread?
  • Will you have an escape route if something goes wrong?
  • Do you know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher?

Responding to Fires:

Sound the fire alarm and call the local fire department immediately if a fire breaks out. Once you have decided to extinguish the blaze, attempt to fight the fire only if:

  • You know the type of combustible material burning.
  • You have been trained to use the fire extinguisher correctly.
  • The fire is still in the incipient (beginning) stage.
Fire Prevention is Everyone’s Job!
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