Safety Tip of the Week – Loading Dock Safety

Loading Dock Safety

Loading docks are busy areas. Trailers, dock levelers, and rolling doors can cause pinch points and elevated docks pose a fall hazard. Workers must pay attention to these hazards.

Making Your Dock Safe

  • Do not use equipment unless you are trained and authorized to do so.

  • Stay out of the way of moving equipment so you do not become trapped between a forklift and the dock or crushed by a powered gate.

  • Clean out dock areas periodically to remove accumulated debris.

  • Shrink-wrap loose product for transport or storage.

  • It is very important to secure small items that might fall through the overhead guard of a lift truck.

  • Ensure that wheel chocks are used on every vehicle at your dock.

  • No dock jumping; this can lead to serious ankle, knee and back injuries.

  • Use plastic or metal banding to secure product to pallets for transportation or storage.

  • Dock approaches should be free from potholes or deteriorated pavement.

  • Ensure dock bumpers are in good repair.

  • Dock leveler or dock plate capacity must be adequate for the load weight.

  • Check the condition of the trailer floor.

  • Check the load limit of the trailer; ensure that it is adequate for the complete load, equipment, and yourself.

  • Be alert at all times in loading areas.

Loading dock safety involves everyone – warehouse personnel and truck drivers. Start and end your day safely by exercising caution during loading and unloading.

Safety on the dock…Be sure to use those chocks!!  

Download flyer: STOTW_8_Loading Dock Safety.pdf (94.50 kb)

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