Safety Tip of the Week – General Safety – Give New Co-workers Your Support

 General Safety – Give New Co-workers Your Support

Getting a new employee started off on the right foot is very important. Statistics indicate that up to 60% of all job injuries occur to new employees with less than six months experience on the job. Repeated friendly reminders of safety procedures and work rules by a mentor can greatly reduce the chance of an accident with the new employee.



Remember: Help Your Co-Worker Do The Right Thing!!

How an experienced hand can help out:

  • Encourage the new hire to ask questions if he or she is not quite sure. Remember how hard it was to admit you didn’t know everything when you started a new job?

  • Volunteer to serve as a mentor to the new employee to assure that safe work procedures are understood and followed.

  • Point out locations of first aid kits, fire extinguishers, restrooms and break rooms.

  • If you spot the new worker doing something wrong, tactfully explain the proper procedures. It’s easier to do this if a “coaching” role has been assigned or agreed upon.

  • Perhaps most importantly, lead by example with correct work habits.

    People helping people–lending hands for our safety. 

Download Flyer:  STOTW_25_GS_Give New Co-workers Your Support.pdf (108.00 kb)

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