Safety Tip of the Week – The Dangers of Snakes

It’s starting to warm up. We not only need to start thinking about water and ensuring we stay hydrated, but with the warm weather, snakes are coming out of hibernation and we need to be aware of the dangers.

Venomous snakes can be dangerous to outdoor workers including farmers, foresters, landscapers, groundskeepers, gardeners, painters, roofers, pavers, construction workers, laborers, mechanics, and any other workers who spend time outside.

If you get bitten:


  • Remain calm and if you’re with someone who is bitten, reassure the victim. • Remove all jewelry, watches, etc. from the affected area.
  • Immobilize extremity and keep at level below the heart.
  • Decrease total body activity as is feasible.
  • Move victim to medical facility without delay.


  • Do not apply ice to the bite area.
  • Do not make an incision of any kind.
  • Do not use a constriction band or tourniquet.
  • Do not administer alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not use electric shock treatment.
Download flyer: STOTW_626_The Dangers of Snakes

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_626_The Dangers of Snakes_esp

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