Safety Tip of the Week – Rebar Safety

Workers that stumble or fall onto exposed steel bars can be pierced or impaled on them, resulting in serious internal injuries and death.

Impalement protection is managed by using protective guard systems to cover the protruding ends. Steel reinforced rebar caps provide the strongest and best impalement protection for workers.

Rebar Hazards:

Utilizing rebar on the job can cause the tripping/impalement hazards when the following occurs:

  • Concrete formwork pins are protruding at low levels;
  • Concrete footing rebar is protruding into walking spaces;
  • Rebar is protruding from concrete foundation work; and
  • Rebar scraps are left lying about the jobsite.

Best Practices:

  • All jobsite employees should be trained to recognize when rebar becomes a hazard.
  • Routinely pick up scrap rebar to prevent trip hazards.
  • When caps are not available, bend rebar over or cap with a 2×4 “L” to protect employees from injury.
  • When rebar is being hoisted “stay clear.” Rebar can easily slip out of mats and cages.
  • Cover exposed rebar with the correct protective cap.
  • Cap all rebar that someone could fall on. 
Download flyer: STOTW_844_Rebar Safety

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_844_Rebar Safety_esp

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