Safety Tip of the Week – Overhead Shop Crane Safety

Overhead shop cranes move heavy items in manufacturing and production areas. Although shop cranes are useful, “overhead” can sometimes be “out of sight and out of mind” when it comes to safety. Workers need training on crane hazards and operation, and they should never forget the safety hazards moving overhead. Only trained operators should use overhead shop cranes. Cranes should always be inspected and tested before operation. Shop cranes require audible warning devices when moving unless operated by a floor worker using a suspended controller. Everyone on the worksite should be trained on the crane warning signals.

Operators must know the load capacity of their shop crane. Loads that exceed the limits of the crane should not be moved. The load rigging requirements need special attention. Loads that cannot be safely rigged should not be lifted. Before moving loads, the crane operator should inspect the path of the crane for obstacles and people; the path must be clear before starting any crane movements.

Controls for overhead cranes should be clearly marked with their function. It is ideal if control handles operate in the direction that the crane will be moving. Whether operating a crane from an overhead bridge or the floor, the operator always needs a clear view of the crane pathway.

While the crane is in operation, operators and other site workers should be aware of the potential pinch and crush points and always stay clear of the moving machinery. Operators and rig loaders need fitted clothing and secured hair and jewelry when working around crane. Workers should never “ride the load” of an overhead crane.

The Operator of the Crane Must:

  • Fully understand the load chart;
  • Assure the crane is properly set up;
  • Consider his radius, quadrants to operate to minimize shock and dynamic loading;
  • Take into consideration hazardous surroundings; and
  • Insist on proper signaling.
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