Safety Tip of the Week – Lockout/Tagout



Failure to lock out or tag power sources on equipment can result in electrocutions, amputations, and other serious, sometimes fatal, accidents.

What are the most common causes of these accidents?

  • The machine or piece of equipment was not completely shut off before a maintenance or repair operation. Not only must the machine be turned off, but also the power source that goes to it.

  • The machine was turned on accidentally, either out of carelessness or because the person who turned it on didn’t realize that another worker was there and could get hurt.

  • The machine wasn’t working correctly but wasn’t fixed, turned off, locked or tagged, and someone who didn’t know about the problem used it.

  • Moving equipment wasn’t blocked.

  • Safety procedures were inadequate or hadn’t been properly explained.

Better to lock out -­‐ than luck out!!


Download flyer: STOTW_15_Lockout_Tagout.pdf (660.35 kb)  

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