Safety Tip of the Week – Halloween Safety

October is a fun time to enjoy the beginning of Autumn, especially Halloween. The subject of safety doesn’t just stop after considering the issues pertaining Halloween candy. Let’s consider a few other interesting things that parents should consider.

Trick or Treating Hazards

When you leave the house to go trick-or-treating with friends or family, remember the following:

  • Arm your home alarm system and lock the doors, protecting your home while you’re out.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and test them before you light any candles.
  • Turn on lights, so visitors know you’re home and accepting guests (or turn them off if you aren’t or when you run out of candy).
  • Prepare your entrance so it’s well illuminated, so people can see the pathway to your door.
  • Stay in neighborhoods that are familiar.
  • Use the buddy system. Take the night off and always stay with your kids, especially if they are age 12 or under.
  • Begin early and get home early. Remember adult Halloween parties probably have alcohol consumption. Streets could be more dangerous the later it gets.
  • Check kids’ shoelaces are tied. Don’t run, walk. Avoid going between houses.
  • Cross at properly marked corners or crosswalks, looking both directions before crossing.
  • Stay on sidewalks and on the same side of the street to avoiding zigzagging back and forth.
  • Approach only homes with porch lights on.
  • Inspect the bag, buckets, and their contents for choking hazards and opened or non-packaged candy.
Download flyer:  STOTW_1043_HalloweenSafety

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_1043_HalloweenSafety_esp

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