Safety Tip of the Week – Working Safely with Solvents

Solvent Dermatitis

Solvent Dermatitis

Solvents are so common in many work places that workers forget how dangerous they are. A solvent can be generally described as a substance, usually a liquid, that is used to dissolve another substance.

Although solvents can be used safely, health problems can result from skin contact with solvents or from inhalation of their vapors. In addition to the health hazards, many solvent vapors are flammable and explosive.

To optimize safety, follow these suggestions:

  • Know what solvents you’re working with.
  • Read the labels and the safety data sheets of the solvents.o They list the hazards, health effects, and safe handling procedures.
  • Make sure the workspace is properly ventilated.
  • Use recommended gloves, eye and face protection, boots, other protective clothing, or barrier creams as required.
  • If respiratory equipment is used, make sure it gives appropriate protection for the exposure.
  • Never wash your hands with solvents.
  • Store flammable solvents in well-ventilated areas constructed of fire-resistant materials.
  • Install readily accessible fire extinguishers in storage and work areas.
If you are aware of it…take care of it!!


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