Safety Tip of the Week – Pressure Washer Safety

A pressure washer is an excellent tool for housekeeping, site prep, cleaning construction equipment, etc. But there are many different types of injuries that can occur while using a pressure washer. Hazards from the high- pressure water jet include flying debris, burns, slipping falls, strains/sprains, hose connection failures, and lacerations or wounds.

Safeguards to Prevent Pressure Washing Injuries:

  • Set up your work area where other people are not in the line of fire of the water stream or flying debris.
  • Use a longer wand that makes it hard for the individual who is using the pressure washer to make contact with his/her own body. However, weigh the pros and cons of using a longer wand if the task is being done over a long period of time, which may lead to repetitive stress or sprain injuries.
  • When using a pressure washer that is also supplied with heat, do not turn it all the way up. Using heat can be more effective to remove debris; however, it also creates the opportunity for a burn.
  • Maintain good housekeeping. Keep the area free of trip hazards. Remove excess mud to prevent slip injuries.
  • Wear the proper PPE. What is being cleaned and the power of the pressure washer will dictate what exact PPE is needed. A good start is rain gear, safety toe boots, gloves, safety glasses, and face shield.
  • Never use a pressure washer to spray off yourself or your boots.
  • Never use zero tips. These tips are usually painted red. Choose a tip with a wider angle of spray to reduce the chance of a severe injury if the stream makes contact with the body.


Download flyer: STOTW_723_Pressure Washer Safety

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_723_Pressure Washer Safety_esp

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