Safety Tip of the Week – Overhead Crane Safety

Overhead shop cranes move heavy items in manufacturing and production areas. Although shop cranes are useful, “overhead” can sometimes be “out of sight and out of mind” when it comes to safety. Workers need training on crane hazards and operation, and they should never forget the safety hazards moving overhead.

Operators must know the load capacity of their shop crane. Loads that exceed the limits of the crane should not be moved.

The load rigging requirements need special attention; loads that cannot be safely rigged should not be lifted.

Workers Involved in the Lift Need to Follow These Safety Guidelines:

  • Never stand or walk under a load, whether moving or stationary.
  • Stay alert and pay attention to warning signals.
  • Never operate a crane that is unsafe.
  • Inspect the equipment before using it.
  • Never let an unauthorized person operate the crane or give hand signals.
  • Make sure the operator and signal person are in direct contact.
  • Never carry a load over another worker.
  • Lockout equipment when doing any repair work.
  • Never exceed the limits of the equipment
  • If the lift appears to become unstable or unsafe, stop immediately.


The safe operation of cranes and hoisting equipment require a team effort.

Download flyer: STOTW_836_Overhead Crane Safety

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_836_Overhead Crane Safety_esp

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