Safety Tip of the Week – Manual Pallet Jack Safety

Manual Pallet Jack Safety

Pallet jacks may seem simple enough to use, but employees should not operate a pallet jack unless they have been trained on safe operation of the pallet jacks used in their current workplace.

Pre-Use Inspection:

Perform a basic pallet jack and workplace inspection at the beginning of every shift or before using the pallet jack for the first time each work day.

At minimum, look for the following:

  • Survey the workplace the pallet jack may be used, clean up any spills, and move anything that could later be in the path of a moving pallet jack.

  • Inspect the wheels to ensure they are rolling easily and do not have flat spots.

  • Check the forks before loading to ensure they are not damaged or defective.

  • Make sure there are no fluid leaks coming from the pallet jack.

  • Test the controls, handles, levers, and horn on the pallet jack to make sure everything is working properly before attempting to add a load.

Pallet Jack Concerns:

  • Load dropped on foot;
  • Strain or dislocation of shoulder due to forceful pulling of a pallet jack; Strains from moving a loaded pallet jack; and
  • Trips from exposed pallet jack “forks.”

The best safety device is your brain…Use it!! 


Download flyer: STOTW_531_Manual Pallet Jack Safety.pdf (880.20 kb)

Download Spanish Flyer: STOTW_531_Manual Pallet Jack Safety_esp.pdf (881.12 kb)

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