Safety Tip of the Week – How to Protect Workers from Falls

OSHA estimates that we are losing hundreds of workers every year to injury and death from falls.

If we do our part by consistently using employer- provided tools and equipment as well as safe work practices to help protect us from falls, we can significantly reduce those losses.

We must also always consider our own safety when assessing a work tasks and conditions, be alert to potentially dangerous situations, and be willing to alert a supervisor in case of uncertainty.

What Are the Ways?

The ways to protect workers from falls including the following:

  • Using conventional means such as guardrail systems;
  • Safety net systems;
  • Personal fall protection system;
  • Adoption of safe work practices;
  • Providing appropriate training;
  • Use of warning line; y
  • Designated areas.

Control zones and similar systems can provide protection by limiting the number of workers exposed.

Don’t forget to conduct a hazard assessment, and develop a comprehensive fall protection plan before the work begins.

Download flyer:  STOTW_1109_HowToProtectWorkersFromFalls

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_1109_HowToProtectWorkersFromFalls_esp

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