Safety Tip of the Week – Hazard Safety Recognition

A hazard is defined as an incident, a thing likely to cause injury, a chance of being injured or harmed, or a possible source of danger.

Over 80% of all workplace injuries arise from worker behavior. We make mistakes, errors in judgment, or simply do not have our full attention on the job, and then something happens. There is also a tendency to get so focused on getting the job done that we do not recognize the obvious.

Safety Awareness:

So how do we know we’ve developed good safety awareness?
Here are some good examples of behavior that suggests we have good safety awareness:

  • Before we begin a job, we consider how to do it more safely.
  • We make sure we know how and when to use personal protective equipment.
  • As we work, we check our position to reduce strain on our body.
  • While we are working, we become aware of any changes in the area, workers interaction,┬ámovement, and jobs beginning or ending.
  • We start talking with others about safety.


Monitor yourself today and see if you’ve had good safety awareness. Consider practices of others and watch for risky behaviors, share those observations with them and help correct them for safer results.

Help us go home safely every day!

Download flyer: STOTW_1008-HazardSafetyRecognition

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_1008-HazardSafetyRecognition_esp

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