Safety Tip of the Week – Hand Protection

Hand Protection

Follow the work practices and use the equipment and gloves provided by your employer. Gloves and safety procedures won’t work if they’re not used or followed. Be aware of the job tasks, equipment, and materials that can create a risk for a hand injury or put your skin in contact with a chemical, and know the steps that should be taken to prevent exposures and injuries.


Preventive Measures

  • Always stay alert and focused on keeping your hands safe – not just at the start of work or a task.

  • Keep guards on machinery and power tools in place – Don’t remove or reposition them.

  • Don’t put your hands or fingers near the moving parts of a power tool or equipment. Make sure machinery, equipment, and power tools are completely off before you try replacing, cleaning or repairing parts – follow lock-out/tag-out procedures.

  • Identify safety features on tools and equipment, such as emergency off switches, before you use them.

  • Check tools and equipment to make sure they are in proper working order before beginning a task.

  • Keep hands and fingers away from sharp edges (blades, protruding nails, etc.). Never cut toward the palm of your hand.

  • Wear gloves that fit your hand and are right for the work being performed – not all gloves protect against all hazards.

  •  Do not wear rings, other jewelry, or loose articles of clothing that could get caught on a moving object. 

Safety fits like a glove; Try one on! 

Download flyer: STOTW_38_Hand Protection.pdf (116.79 kb)

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