Safety Tip of the Week – Falls From Ladders

According to OSHA, falls are one of the leading causes of death in industry and construction. Every year falls from ladders make up nearly a third of those deaths. Following safe work practices can prevent those fatalities.

Safety Work Practices

We should adopt safe work practices, ensuring our safety from a fall during the use of a ladder:

  • Use the right ladder for the job. REMEMBER a ladder is rated for weight limitations;
  • ALWAYS inspect, maintain, and store ladder correctly;
  • Consider the height, use a ladder long enough to reach the work area, without having to stand on the very top rung;
  • ALWAYS secure and extend the ladder at least 3 feet above the landing point to provide a safe handhold to exit and enter the ladder in position;
  • ALWAYS secure the base of the ladder by properly placing the safety feet to provide a grip on the work surface that is stable and level, never uneven;
  • Fully extend the ladder, check the extension bar between the side rails;
  • Provide a control access zone around the ladder, use barriers (e.g., cones) preventing passersby from walking under or near the ladder while in use. Do not use ladders near doorways. Ask a coworker to act as a lookout if necessary;
  • ALWAYS maintain three points of contact with your ladder. Never carry any tools or materials in your hands. Place items in a bucket or a tool belt; and
  • ALWAYS keep your body weight in the center of the side rails.
Download Flyer: STOTW_1111_FallsFromLadders

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_1111_FallsFromLadders_esp

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