Safety Tip of the Week – Fall From Heights

 Falls From Heights

Falls are the second leading cause of occupational fatalities and disabling injuries in the United States. Each year, over 500 workers die in fall-related accidents and over 300,000 workers suffer a disabling injury.

Fall protection is defined as any means or system used to protect employees from falling from an elevated walking/working surface. Fall protection involves the elimination, prevention, and/or control of fall hazards.

Fall protection equipment is broadly divided into two categories:

  • One is fall prevention equipment. Guardrails and coverings at floor openings and safety- interlock gates on elevated platforms are designed to prevent falls. A body harness worn by the worker can also be used to tether him/her to an area away from the fall hazard.

  • Fall arrest equipment is designed to save the worker if he/she falls. He/she may wear Personal Protective Equipment consisting of a body harness and lanyard attached to a lifeline or an anchor point.

Fall Restraint:

Fall Restraint includes such items as a guardrail or parapet wall. It can also consist of a personal fall restraint system, which keeps you from reaching an unprotected “fall” point. Guardrails are considered to be a Fall Restraint type of fall protection.

Fall Arrest:

One type of appropriate fall protection equipment is the personal fall arrest system. The entire personal fall arrest system must be capable of withstanding the tremendous impact forces involved in a fall.

A personal fall arrest system includes a full body harness, a shock absorbing lanyard or a rope grab and vertical lifeline, and a sound anchorage able to support a load of 5000 pounds.

Chance takers are accident makers!! 


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