Safety Tip of the Week – Dangers of Energy Drinks

energy drinksOverconsumption of caffeine and other energy producing ingredients found in energy drinks, such as taurine, can lead to health issues.

Recently, a South Carolina high school student collapsed and died after consuming a very high dose of caffeine in a short time: coffee, soft drinks and an energy drink. The coroner reported that the student died from a caffeine-induced lethal cardiac arrhythmia.


  • Large amounts of caffeine may cause serious heart and blood vessel problems such as heart rhythm disturbances and increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Caffeine also may harm a child’s still developing cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • Caffeine use may also be associated with anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, and dehydration;
  • Guarana, commonly included in energy drinks, contains caffeine. Therefore, the addition of guarana increases the drink’s total caffeine content;
  • People who combine caffeinated drinks with alcohol may not be able to tell how intoxicated they are; they may feel less intoxicated than they would if they had not consumed caffeine, but their motor coordination and reaction time may be just as impaired;
  • Excessive energy drink consumption may disrupt teens’ sleep patterns and may be associated with increased risk-taking behavior; and
  • A single 16-oz. container of an energy drink may contain 54 to 62 grams of added sugar; this exceeds the maximum amount of added sugars recommended for an entire day.


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