Safety Tip of the Week – Warehouse Electrical Safety

Warehouse workers can face many kinds of hazards, but with proper design considerations, planning, and training you can recognize and control those hazards and remain safe.

Warehouses can often contain a variety of electrical equipment and systems, and employers are tasked with ensuring the workplace is free from recognized electrical hazards.

  • Install and use listed or labeled equipment in accordance with the instructions included in the listing or labeling.
  • ALWAYS use factory-assembled electrical cord sets and extension cords that are equipped with a ground wire. If the ground is missing or broken, report it, get it replaced.
  • ALWAYS ground all power supply systems, electrical circuits, and electrical equipment, and ensure grounding paths are permanent, continuous, and effective.
  • ALWAYS ensure sufficient clearance in front of electrical panels and around all electrical equipment.
  • ALWAYS guard live parts of electrical equipment.
  • ALWAYS visually inspect all electrical equipment before use. REPLACE WHEN BROKEN!
  • ALWAYS close unused openings in cabinets, boxes, and fittings.
  • ALWAYS provide covers for all pull boxes, junction boxes, and fittings.
  • DON’T use flexible cords and cables as a substitute for fixed wiring. Remember to use strain relief systems for flexible cords.
Download flyer: STOTW_1112_WarehouseElectricalSafety
Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_1112_WarehouseElectricalSafety_esp

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