Safety Tip of the Week – Trip Injuries and Prevention

A common hazard that can be overlooked is the trip hazard. While falls are undoubtedly responsible for the majority of the fatalities, trips cause far too many injuries in the workplace.

Trip Hazards:

There is an endless list of possible trip hazards found in a workplace:

  • Extension cords;
  • Tools, equipment, materials;
  • Debris;
  • Cracks in floor;
  • Spaces or holes in flooring;
  • Changes in elevation;
  • Unexpected sloping; and
  • Loose carpet or rugs.

Best Practices to Eliminate Trip Incidents:

  • Eliminating trip hazards is relatively simple compared to some workplace hazards.
    • Eliminate as many trip hazards as possible through proper housekeeping and work area setup;
  • Poor housekeeping leads to the majority of trip hazards in most workplaces.
  • Paint or mark changes in elevation with bright paint or signage to alert others of the danger;
  • Have any open holes, cracks, spaces, etc. on walking surfaces repaired as soon as possible;
  • Completely block off areas that have excessive trip hazards until fixed or addressed; and
  • Tape down cords to the floor or hang them up out of the way so individuals walking through the area do not trip on them.
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