Safety Tip of the Week – Taking Care of Your Hard Hat

Hard Hat CareAmerican National Standards Institute Z89.1 (ANSI Z89.1)- approved hard hats are designed to protect you from the impact of falling objects, and with some types, from accidental contact with electrical current. However, the way we take care for our hard hats can have a big impact on how well they do their job.

Here Are a Few Dos:

  • DO CLEAN your hard hat as needed, using a mild soap and water solution or other solution recommended by the manufacturer.
  • DO STORE your hard hat as recommended by the manufacturer, which means keeping it out of the direct sun (like on the back dash of your car) and out of areas with high heat (like in the car trunk) while you’re off the job.
  • DO INSPECT your hard hat shell and suspension for damage and deterioration every day before use, as well as after any event that may affect its integrity (such as being struck by a falling object or crushed).
  • DO REPLACE your hard hat shell or suspension when it shows any signs of damage or deterioration.

Obviously, your hard hat won’t protect you unless it’s being worn. But to give you the maximum protection offered, they must also be worn in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for the particular brand and model in use. So please take care of your hard hat, so it can take care of you.

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