Safety Tip of the Week – Struck By Safety

Struck-By Safety

Being struck by an object on the job is one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in the construction industry. Struck-by hazards are one of the four most deadly hazards in the construction industry and account for around 10% of all industry fatalities annually, with 75% of those fatalities occurring from being struck by heavy equipment such as cranes and trucks.

A struck-by accident occurs when a person is forcefully struck by an object wherein the force of contact is provided by the object. Workers are most often struck by heavy equipment and moving vehicles, falling or flying objects, causing severe physical trauma that usually leads to death.

“Struck-By” Hazards

  • Struck-by flying object: A flying object hazard exists when something has been thrown, hurled, or is being propelled across space.

  • Struck-by falling object: Results from being struck by a falling object or equipment when the source of injury is falling from an elevation to a lower level, including instances where the injured person is crushed, pinned, or caught under a falling object, other than collapsing material or structures.

  • Struck-by swinging object: When materials are mechanically lifted, they have the potential to swing and strike workers. As the load is lifted, the materials may swing, twist, or turn. The workers can be hit by the swinging load.

  • Struck-by rolling object: An object that is rolling, moving, or sliding on the same level as the worker can overcome the worker.
  • Adequate awareness of your surroundings and proper use of personal protective equipment can go a long way in avoiding injuries at the construction site. It is important for employers to alert all workers of areas where there is greater potential for struck-by accidents to occur and to limit employee access to those areas.

A hard hat on your head…keeps you from being dead!!!

Download flyer: STOTW_10_Struck-By Safety.pdf (105.21 kb)

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