Safety Tip of the Week – Heat Is Coming

Heat is Coming

One of the most significant hazards that summer brings is heat illness. Although there may not have been very many truly hot and humid days yet this year, now is the time we need to talk about heat illness. Quite honestly, your body is probably not yet ready for the summer heat. Your body gradually adjusts to working in a warm environment through a process known as “acclimatization.” So until your body has been acclimatized, you need to be especially mindful of how to prevent heat illness injuries, how to recognize heat illness, and how to treat heat illness.

Heat stress is commonly associated with warm weather. It’s true that warm weather increases the number of heat-stress injuries and illnesses. Warm weather isn’t the only cause of heat stress, though. Heat stress can occur any time the surrounding temperature is elevated. Even if the weather is cool, you may work in warm areas, indoors or out. Be alert for conditions which could cause heat stress and take precautions to prevent it.

Six main factors are involved in causing heat stress:


  • Humidity;

  • Movement of air;

  • Radiant temperature of the surroundings;

  • Clothing;

  • Physical activity.

Adjusting to these factors, and/or controlling them, reduces the chance of heat stress. Your body can adjust to working in a warm environment through acclimatization. Check with your company’s safety people for the exact way to properly acclimatize yourself. Acclimatization processes involve gradually increasing the amount of time you spend working in a hot environment. This gradual increase allows your body to properly adjust to the heat.

“Chill Out” Avoid Heat Stress!! 


Download flyer: STOTW_17_Heat is Coming.pdf (140.44 kb)

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