Safety Tip of the Week – Good Housekeeping is a Virtue!

We collect many articles to work within our work areas. Materials lying around can easily be ready to present us with some troubling conditions. Many items are not normally considered hazardous but can easily become hazardous especially when they might become trip, contact, puncture or splinter hazards.

Best Practices to Prevent Housekeeping Hazards:

Preventing housekeeping hazards can start by applying the safety rules and procedures you have learned directly to your own work area.

  • Protect yourself and others from tripping and
    falling hazards by not keeping anything on the floor, even temporarily. Every machine, tool, material, and substance should belong in a very specific location. That location should never be the floor.
  • Other items that do not belong on the floor include empty boxes that are waiting to be removed. Place cords, cables, and air hoses on elevated hooks, not on the floor you walk on.
  • Keep the floors clear, especially the aisles and passageways.
  • Contact hazards can be prevented by properly storing items away. Place tools in holders and materials in waist high bins or containers. Keep drawers closed. Keep all items in assigned locations.
  • Puncture hazards can be prevented by proper storage and placement of sharp or pointed objects.
  • Splinter hazards may require touching up rough surface areas with sandpaper or grinding down the area.

Good housekeeping is everyone’s business, and it is a virtuous behavior to keep our workplaces clutter free and orderly!

Download flyer: STOTW_903_Good-Housekeeping

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_903_Good-Housekeeping_esp

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