Safety Tip of the Week – Gasoline Safety

Gasoline is readily available and routinely used by people in their vehicles and motorized equipment. In spite of the routine use of gasoline, many people are unaware o or unappreciative of the dangers of gasoline. Gasoline is dangerous because it is highly volatile.

Gasoline Safety Tips:

Most gasoline injuries are preventable if gas is properly used and safely stored. Here are some helpful gasoline safety tips from the American Burn Association that you can use to train your employees to handle gas with care:

  • Don’t smoke or use matches, lighters, or other ignition sources anywhere around gas. And remember that gas vapors can travel far from gas containers in enclosed areas;
  • Use gasoline only in well-ventilated areas;
  • Turn off equipment and let cool before filling the gas tank;
  • Never use gasoline to start charcoal on a grill–use proper charcoal starter;
  • Never use gas as a cleaning fluid or solvent, or to clean your hands;
  • Don’t store gas cans in your vehicle;
  • Store gas in approved containers, in a cool, well-ventilated area (for example, in a shed or garage, but never in the house), and only keep a minimum amount on hand; and
  • Never use glass or plastic bottles for gasoline storage.


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