Safety Tip of the Week – Forklift — Three Points of Contact Safety

Forklift -­‐ Three Points of Contact Safety

Slips, trips, and falls account for 20 percent of work injuries. This totals 13 million injuries per year. Climbing into and out of mobile equipment presents a common exposure to slips and falls. Inclement weather, greasy or broken steps, grab handles, and the rush of the workday make this a serious exposure.

You cannot have three points of contact if you are jumping off or sliding out of the seat.
REMEMBER!!! Use the three-point contact technique. It is a simple and effective way to minimize the risk of falling. Use this technique when entering the cab of a forklift, climbing onto the bed of a truck, or climbing into/onto any other piece of equipment. When climbing,
at least three limbs should always be in contact with the equipment. Face the equipment and use two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand.


Follow these Precautions to Minimize the Potential Hazards while Mounting and Dismounting Mobile Equipment

  • Wear hard hats to protect you against hitting your head on the overhead cage.

  • To prevent slip, trips, and falls, especially feet slipping off steps, be sure that your hands are clean and dry to prevent slipping when grabbing a handhold.

  • Check your shoes for grease before entering the vehicle.

  • Grasp handhold and get a good grip. Never grab the steering wheel because it could cause you to lose balance if it moves.

  • Keep your hands free of objects, placing any objects on your seat. Do the same when you exit!

  • Always look before you exit.

  • Always consider your footing placement when mounting and dismounting vehicle.

  • Pull or lower your body carefully into or out of cab. Dismounting is the opposite of mounting — do not jump.

  • Wear appropriate head protection and foot protection

    Open the Door to Safety: Awareness is the Key! 


Download flyer: STOTW_32_ForkliftThreePointsofContact.pdf (126.34 kb)

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