Safety Tip of the Week – Ergonomic Safety

Nearly every type of work or occupation has the potential for causing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).

Factors that Contribute to the Development of WMSDs Include:

  • Force – the strength to perform a task;
  • Repetition – the frequency or number of times a task is performed during a shift;
  • Posture – positioning of the body to perform a task;
  • Vibration – this might come from overuse of power hand tools;
  • Temperature – extreme temperatures are more harmful to the body;
  • Duration – the amount of time in a workday spent performing work tasks; and
  • Non-work-related issues – health, lifestyle, hobbies, and sports may add to the ergonomic risk factors. 

Reducing WMSDs and/or the Severity of WMSDs Includes:

  • Reducing repetition or duration when possible—job rotation can help;
  • Understanding what is adjustable at your worksite;
  • Reporting work-related pain and discomfort. When necessary, get a medical evaluation;
  • Trying new work methods and tools;
  • Giving suggestions for ergonomic job improvements;
  • Exercising and maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • Using good ergonomic principles at home as well as work;
  • Keeping your work area organized and as clean as possible; and
  • Avoiding temperature extremes. 
Download flyer: STOTW_814_Ergonomic Safety

Download Spanish flyer: STOTW_814_Ergonomic Safety_esp

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