Safety Tip of the Week – Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety

gas cylindersCompressed gas cylinders contain a great deal of energy. If the cylinders are mishandled or treated roughly, that energy can burst into an explosion – especially if the shut-off valve isn’t covered.

Use of Cylinders:

  • Be sure all connections are tight.
    • Use soapy water to locate leaks.
  • Keep cylinders valves, regulators, couplings, hose and apparatus clean and free of oil and grease.
  • Keep cylinders away from open flames and sources of heat.
    • Propane cylinders should be at least 8 feet away from the portable heaters they supply.
  • Safety devices and valves shall not be tampered with, nor repairs attempted.
  • Use flashback arrestors and reverse-flow check valves to prevent flashback when using oxy-fuel systems.
  • Regulators shall be removed when moving cylinders, when work is completed, and when cylinders are empty.
  • Cylinders shall be used and stored in an upright position.
  • The cylinder valve should always be opened slowly.
  • Always stand away from the face and back of the gauge when opening the cylinder valve.
  • When a special wrench is required to open a cylinder or manifold valve, the wrench shall be left in place on the valve stem when in use; this precaution is taken so the gas supply can be shut off quickly in case of an emergency and that nothing shall be placed on top of a cylinder that may damage the safety device or interfere with the quick closing of the valve.
  • Fire extinguishing equipment should be readily available when combustible materials can be exposed to welding or cutting operations using compressed cylinder gases.
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